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The Guestlist is Complimentary for Ladies at discretion of the door for the first hour from the opening time, otherwise £20 | Guys £20 all night.
All groups must have a 80% or superior ratio of women to men, groups of men must buy tables.
ID is ALWAYS Required!
  1. Priority VIP Entry
  2. Reserved Area
  3. Alcohol Worth the Minimum Spend
Table Reservations Always have:
Ladies: SEXY/GLAM - High Heels is Compulsory.
Gents: SMART - collar shirt and smart shoes
* T-shirts, trainers or casual clothes are not allowed.
Dress Code:
*Even if you are on the list you must still dress in a way that attempts to match the club’s desired image and portray yourself as someone that is going to ‘add to the room’ instead of subtract from it.
**By no means does being on a guest list guarantee that you will get in. Other factors include your image, your attitude, the size of your group, how busy it is on that particular night, arrival time, etc.
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